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The Only au Shop on Okinawa With American Staff!!


Why Visit Us?


Special Cash Back Offer for New Customers!


Purchase an iPhone 5c with a New Contract and get 10,000 yen Cash Back!
Bring your phone number from another company and sign up with an iPhone 5c
and get 20,000 yen Cash Back!

**Offer available only at Au Kokutaidouro

For more details call 098-926-2636 or e-mail or visit our shop.


At au Kokutai You Get:

- Knowledgeable American Staff with over 10 Years Experience

- A Comprehensive English Explanation of our Products & Services that will not leave you confused

- Best Reception in Japan, Guaranteed Stronger Signal Than Other Companies

- Free Calls & Texts Between Family Members

- Free Battery Charger with Purchase of New Phone


Xperia Z Ultra
Serie Mini
Xperia Z1

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Open Everyday

Mon-Fri 10am-8pm

Sat-Sun 10am-7pm

Tel: 098-926-2636

Better Service than On Base!


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